Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers services of science teacher education, research, innovation and consultancies in science education. It harbors seven departments of which these are; natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), applied sciences (Agriculture, Cmputer Studies and Human Ecology) and Mathematics.

Our expectations from the graduates is that they have amassed well mastery of advanced content in their fields of specialty through participatory classroom approaches, practical’s and through participating in research activities. Although our graduates are primarily teachers still more the pedagogical content knowledge, research and soft skills they must have amassed from the college can allow them to join any relevant government department, the manufacturing industry world and research institutes as key player’s economic development of the country. The knowledge and skills also enables them to further their studies in their fields of specialty.


  • Mathematics and Biology
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Agriculture
  • Human Ecology and Agriculture
  • Human Ecology and Biology
  • Human Ecology and Mathematics
  • Biology and Agriculture

The Principal

The Principal, Nalikule College Of Education, P.O Box 40680, Kanengo


  • +265999804212
  • denkhasu@gmail.com



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