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The Principal Accountant

The Principal Accountant(PA) Office is a key part of  College’s Corporate Services, responsible for providing financial services in an accurate and timely manner. These services include all financial operations at the college. Specifically, the Finance Office has personnel that are responsible for helping to determine the financial strategy for running the college. This is the office that is also responsible for monitoring the financial undertakings – including expenditure and revenue of all sectors of the college, and periodically reporting the same to the office of the Principal.

The Principal Accountant(PA) Office also oversees budgeting and budgetary control. This office also lends its expertise to staff and researchers in the areas of payroll and project management.
With the leadership of the College Principal Accountant(PA)  Officer, the Principal Accountant(PA)  Office has a staff complement of competent accountants, auditors, and other qualified individuals who are continually on the lookout for avenues for improving the management of college finances.

In its daily activities, the Principal Accountant(PA)  Office works in cooperation with the college administration, faculties, departments and centres, and college staff in their individual capacities. The aim is to ensure that these stakeholders are serves while also ensuring that Nalikule College has enough financial muscle to achieve its objectives within the provisions made in its financial plans, and in keeping with the country’s legal framework.

The Principal

The Principal, Nalikule College Of Education, P.O Box 40680, Kanengo


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